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African & Jamaican Characters
Osebo the Leopard is Anansi's main adversary. In the above illustrations, his vicious personality is evident,
especially when he takes a swipe at Anansi. He masquerades as
Bro' Tiger in Jamaica. The Africans in the
English-speaking Caribbean introduced the name "tiger" that was a common mistake also made by Europeans.
Odenkyem the
, like the
characters on this
page, is the Asanti
(Ashanti) name for
this reptile. He is
To the left, he is
Bro' Alligator and
portrays the
proverb "Alligator
[may] lay egg, but
him no fowl." A
Jamaican proverb
that means,
"Things are not
always what they
seem." On the
right, Aso and
Intikuma are wary
of the sneaky
Adanko the Hare has identity
problems. He is often mistaken for a
rabbit. In North America he is mistaken
for the Algonquian Indian hero,
Michabo the Great Hare". He may
also be called "
Brer' Rabbit".
Abosom is also a pest who likes to call
others names.
Owoh is sneaky and lazy.
He only moves when he
has to, especially when
must bite someone.
His bad reputation makes
people want to attack his
non-violent family