The two excerpts below are from Michael Auld's comic strip The Golden Stool of Ashanti. This story first
appeared in the 1980's. It is based in Ghana, West Africa and is the story of the Asantehene Osei Tutu. Osei
Tutu was the 17th century founder of the formidable Asanti (Ashanti) nation. With Osei Tutu's guidance and
with the help of his cousin Anokye the priest, they removed themselves from under the yoke of the
neighboring Denkyera, their Akwamu and Dutch allies. Anokye united various factions of Asanti people under
Osei Tutu and used the Golden Stool as a cohesive national symbol. The Golden Stool of Ashanti is based
on a true tale of love, war and the intrigues of nation-building.
Excerpt #1
Excerpt #2
Copyright 2007 by Michael Auld
The comic strip titled Anansesem was a series of AnansiStories originally
published in newspapers in the Caribbean and South America beginning in
1971. This black and white continuous story format featured Anansi the spider
and his exploits. The strip also included historical stories told by Anansi.