Guinea Pig, or Cori, is a South
American beauty from the
Andes mountains whose
ancestors emigrated with the
first Taino people around A.D. 1.
Bro' Death is a ruthless skeletal
old man who is sometimes
appropriately called "
Jamaican & African Characters
Bro' Goat is one of the most
popular African characters in
Jamaican Anansi stories.
Africans brought Bro' Monkey to
Jamaica, where he remained in the
memory of the island's descendants.
The sometimes smart Bro' Dog has
a variety of roles in many  
Mrs. Guinea Fowl, originally from
Africa, is a strong, sweet woman. Her
kindness is mistaken for weakness.
Peenie Wallie, or "Blinkie", is a fiery
firefly. She, like the native Taino "Indio"
people, is indigenous to Jamaica.
Bro' Pig, or Hog is an immigrant who
came with the Spanish invasion to
the Americas. His ancestors arrived
on Columbus' Second Voyage.
Cock is a ladies' man and a cocky early
riser. His personality often gets him in
trouble since his impatient and boastful
manner are annoying. He is an opera
singer who only gets bit parts.
Bro' Rat is a naive youngster who
follows trends just so that he can fit
in. He affects a cool street savvy. He
is from the hood... The robbing
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